ISAACASE is a new product with an innovative idea.


Imagine that every morning you can choose the appearance of your phone case as you choose your shoes or jewelry. This will allow you to match it with your choice of dress or simply have a photo of something that is important or meaningful to you, such as a photo of your cat, your dog or a phrase that inspires you! All this in a single phone case that offers all these personalized options, according to your desires of the moment.



The idea behind ISAACASE is that the person can change the appearance of their phone case as they see fit, all with only one case. To do this, simply detach the two compartments from the case, change the image to the desired one and then close them as shown in the attached video. As simple as that!



This product is perfect for people who care about the environment, in addition to being affordable and assembled right here in Quebec.

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